Below are a few photographs of the folks participating in the NWV car repair clinic, held November 14, 2015 by Paul Allard.  Paul reviewed the methods and tools used to repair rolling stock for reliable operation.  It covered frames, trucks, couplers and weights.  The clinic served multiple purposes:

  1. Training for members
  2. Repair of NWV layout bad order equipment
  3. Inspection and/or repair of donated equipment for future train show sales.

The first part of the clinic involved explanations of the car repair methods.  The photo above shows Paul explaining how to check and adjust the spacing of wheels on an axle using the NMRA gauge.  The NWV operates HO equipment, which was used for this clinic.  However, the methods and most of the tools are transferrable to other scales that our members model.

After the presentations, there was hands on training for the members.  Above, Ron Piro is working at the table while Carlton and Lew discuss some of the techniques on a specific car repair action.


Willie builds a freight train from a string of cars from a recent donation.  He will test the operation of these cars after the inspection of components is complete.  The cars may be used for NWV layout operations or sold at future train shows with the proceeds used to fund the ongoing educational mission of the NWV.

Nov Car Clinic