On February 13th, we had a Run What U Brung session. That is an informal operating session where members bring their DCC locomotives and favorite rolling stock to run on the NWV layout. There were contemporary locomotives as well as steam engines from the past. Road names varied from eastern US roads, western US roads and Canadian roads. Many of the road names were from railroads that went out of business years ago but still have a large following in the model railroading circles.

Since the web master is a fan of the New York Central, you have to endure his pictures first. More pictures will be posted as they come in from other members who recorded the event. We had a great time. I hope you enjoy the photos....


Three NYC U-25B locomotives pull a freight through the countryside on the NWV layout. These locomotives represent the first GE road power that the New York Central purchased when GE began manufacturing locomotives separately from Alco.

John waits patiently for his New York Central Alco RS-3 to poke its head out of the tunnel into the Evergreen valley.


Lew’s B&M steam locomotive pulls a small drag of empty coal hoppers into the south end of Arlington Yard. Brett is busy at the other end of the yard working a Maine Central - Bangor and Aroostook diesel lash up on his freight.


Meanwhile in the back shop, preparations of modules for the upcoming VT Rails 2016 train show are continuing. Paul and Willie are putting down track and electrical connections on a new module for the show.

Feb Run What U Brung