Pictures below show students from the Barre City Middle School running the NWV's home layout on June 13, 2017. A dozen students from Mr. Shane Aldrich's 7th and 8th grade STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) class participated in a full operating session on the NWV, where they learned about operating under dispatcher control and using the NWV's waybill system to control car movements like on a real railroad.

Back home, the students built an impressive 16x4 foot HO-scale layout at their school. The layout was built as a STEAM project in Mr. Aldrich's classroom over the winter and featured complete scenery depicting central Vermont. That layout was also featured in an article in the Times Argus newspaper on April 18, 2017. They will be displaying their layout at the NWV's Vermont Rails show at the Barre Auditorium on November 18, 2017.

A Visit to the NWV by the STEAM students of Barre City Middle School.


<== No operating session would be complete without running the NWV yellow wheat train, A.K.A. “the Snake Train”



The fearless teacher, Mr. Aldrich, looms large over the bluff at Glenn’s Bridge in Evergreen while an unsuspecting freight train travels in the valley below.


Barre Class Visit