President Paul Allard presented a clinic on Saturday April 11, 2015 at the NWV layout room. 

The clinic was split into a tree making section and a tree planting section.  A tree-less area of the layout behind the Arlington round house was chosen as the portion of scenery that would be populated with new trees built by the clinic participants of the tree making section.  The following photographs show some of the participants in the two activities of this clinic and the newly planted trees on the layout.

Part way through the clinic, participants in each section of the clinic swapped with participants in the other section of the clinic to gain training and experience in doing both activities.

making Trees

The action starts with building trees in the meeting room.  Mike Saunders on the left is working on a tall pine tree.  On the right, our newest member, Dave Kuntz with the black hat, is working with guest Collin on smaller evergreen trees.  The technique is to spray the trees heavily with unscented hair spray followed by sprinkling green ground foam on the wet tree.  This fills in the branches of the inexpensive commercial evergreen trees with filler and color variations.  The trees dry in a few minutes and are ready to be planted on the layout.



making Trees2

A closer look at Dave and Collin sprinkling green ground foam on freshly sprayed trees.  The cardboard boxes catch the overspray from the aerosol hair spray cans.  Pink insulation foam is used to hold the new trees while they dry.



tree Planting getting under way

Before Tree Planting

This partially blocked view of the layout in the other room shows green tree-less hills above and to the right of the tunnel portal on the left.  Also, the grassy area to the right of the pink foam carrier of new trees on the left will be planted with new evergreen trees.

In this view, Art Godburn with the blue shirt has his back to the camera.  NMRA Master Model Railroader, Paul Allard in the red shirt, is directing the activity.



after Tree Planting

After Tree Planting

Above, after 3 hours of tree planting, the once bare grassy areas around and behind the roundhouse now have about 200 new trees planted.  The distance between the tunnel portals is over 4 feet.  This is just a small section of the layout so it can be seen that thousands of trees are needed to fill in the scenery of our club sized layout.  Just as in the real world of scenery, trees add much to the depth and beauty of the scene.  This clinic taught us how to build and plant large quantities of inexpensive trees efficiently to bring a bare scene to life.



Is That A Cell Phone Tower???

Left, the radio antenna of the NWV DCC system is disguised to look like a tree, not unlike the random cell phone towers seen along interstate 89 in Vermont and New Hampshire that are supposed to look like trees but usually stand about 40-50 feet higher than any other tree in the forest.




April Tree Clinic