Education is our mission:

As our bylaws state, our purpose is “to educate and promote the art of model railroading”

The NWV promotes the art of model railroading through hands-on training of its members and the general public.  Our layout is a first class facility for trying out new ideas, practicing the art of model railroading in simulated scenarios and in developing the model railroading skills of the individual.  Our membership includes modelers who have home layouts of their own and have distinguished themselves through dedication and service in the training of others.

In addition to the training done with our layout, we educate by presenting clinics aimed at specific aspects of model railroading to sharpen the focus of areas that are often difficult to learn otherwise.

For those clinics where a handout or other written material is used, we post that information on this web site for future reference and further study.  Just click on any of the navigator buttons on the left margin under the “Education” main category button or on the clinic links that follow:

All of our operating sessions and clinics are available to all members in good standing, free of charge except for materials or external costs associated with the activity.  An example of a clinic where a member pays a fee is a structure building clinic that includes the purchase of the structure materials that the member will keep after the clinic. Those fees are set by the enducation chair.

Fees for non-members and guests:

The NWV does allow non-members and guests to attend clinics or operating sessions if space is available for an additional activity fee set by the education chair.  The fee, payable prior to admission to each activity, is typically $10 for guests 16 years old or older and $5 for guests of age 8 through 15.  Please contact the education chair to register prior to any activity at