Making busy scenes in tight spaces on your railroad:

Building Flats Clinic by Art, Presented January 14, 2017


Above, Art presents the details of making buildings from photos or commercial prints by mounting them to foam board from local art supply stores. Examples of such buildings are standing on the left side of  the picture.


in the picture to the left, the plastic bag contains detail pieces from building kits or other sources that can be used to decorate flat buildings made from photos or drawings. The brick structure with trees in front of it (at the bottom center of the picture) is a photo printed from an image on the internet and mounted to a piece of foam board. The sheets with the black metal paper clip on the left are commercial images for making building flats.


Some example scenes of building flat locations around the NWV layout:


Above, Lew is building a scene in a narrow stretch of track against the wall at mill. He has cut down the width of the station on the aisle side, mounted some thin structures against the wall and pasted an industrial complex scene on the wall behind it all. It is still under construction but when finished, it will transform a 1 foot wide shelf into a deep multi-acre industrial scene.


To the left, Art has filled a small corner at one end of Arlington Yard with simple buildings and city scene backdrop building flats to make a busy city scene in a small space. The vehicles and other details , such as the park under construction, add to the scene.


To the right, we see the other end of the city scene at Arlington Yard. In the corner, Perry has cut off the facade from a completed church kit and allowed it to fit in the corner, taking up much less space but conveying the idea that a bigger building is there. Across the street from the church behind the buildings is a busy commercial yard  (still under construction).


Art has prepared a copy of his clinic for download if desired. Click here to view it.

Bldg Flats